was für ein schönes lied

Hey kids (something better) 


hey kids, tell me do you like (what?)
what you see in your tv all day? (hell-no!)
but kids if you don’t like it... why don’t you fight it instead?

you have to do it ‘cuz if you don’t then noone will!
hey kids tell me do you like (what?)
all this bullshit in the radio? (hell-no!)
but if you don’t want to hear it...
you gotta let ‘em know!
wake em up...
... you gotta wake em up ... right now!!!

hey kid’s do you like popstars halfnaked in their videos? (fukk that!)
why don’t you turn off your tv
and show them that you know that
if they can’t reach you the have nothting to sell...
and if you don’t listen the have nothing to tell (yap!)
boycott everything that you don’t want
‘cuz there is nothing wrong with saying “no”!
come on kids, sing along
we don’t want to hear it no more! (no!)
we don’t want to see it no more! (no!)
we won’t support you and that’s it! (no!)
we won’t support your bullshit!!!!
wake em up...
... you gotta wake em up ... right now!!!

it’s the same old song again and again and again and again!
don’t we deserve somthing better?
We’ll bring you down right where you stand
Until we get something better, better, better, better!

hey media do you like kids? (who?)
the kids that custom your crap! (aww yeah!)
why don’t you play something they wanna hear
and hold that popshit bakk!
wake em up...
... you gotta wake em up ... right now!!!

17.10.07 20:08


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